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Original Mattress Factory very bad services Lake Mary FL Florida!!

If you google original mattress factory complaints, you will find MANY reviews that tell almost the exact same story… After visiting the store twice and testing all the mattresses The sales pitch by Troy and Melanie was so convincing I really thought we were getting a quality I purchased their Ortho plush King top of the line mattresses. After not even one week my wife and I were in so much pain and uncomfortable that I went into the store to speak with them. The Mattress felt NOTHING LIKE THE ONE IN THE SHOW ROOM.. It was Extremely uncomfortable, you can feel the hard coils through the mattress and the bed rolls under if you go anywhere near the edge. Other reviews have said that they had deep impressions after a short period of time but I REALLY HATED THIS MATTRESS so much I couldn’t wait to get rid of it! I’m not kidding I have had mattresses I didn’t think were uncomfortable before but I never heard of one that made people hated with such passion. Apparently I’m not the only one who slept on this mattress and was equally enraged. other reviews have said “I cannot wait to get rid of it. If I lived on a farm or acreage, I would derive great pleasure from putting this bed in a bonfire and dancing around the flames” and “The TAG says that it is the orthopedic plush king, but the guts of that bed cannot possibly be the same as the one in the store. It is not even remotely similar.” and “What a piece of ***. The mattress will not stay on the bed keeps sliding off the box spring which was also just bought. the bed is not as firm as the one in the store.” Melanie was in the store and I was in the middle of telling her how dissatisfied I was with the mattress and she literally turned to another customer in the store and said “can I help you”? So I left. I called a few days later and spoke with Troy was speaking very fast and didn’t want me to get a word in. So I called the Corporate office and spoke with Scott and he told me to donate the mattress to charity. Mattress felt good in the showroom, got it at home and it felt a lot harder not plush, rolled over on the edges and EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. When you try to return it .. NO RETURNS WITHOUT PAYING 25% and ANOTHER DELIVERY FEE. We I already picked the mattress that felt best to me. Why would I invest another $300 .. Fool me once .. Shame on me .. Fool me .. well u get the idea. I’m not saying that it’s not built like the one in the showroom but in my opinion it sure doesn’t feel like it. Then you call Scott in Corporate and he will swear up and down that I am the only one that ever had this complaint. Until I checked his facts and found SO MANY BAD REVIEWS. Scott Post your rebuttal if you think it will matter but your product is bad, your customer service sucks your return policy is very abusive. I hope you go out of business

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Lorine Bairam

Original Mattress Factory Larry Gates Original Mattress Factory Scam OCOEE FLORIDA Internet!! My Husband went to the Original Mattress Factory store and looked at mattresses. The sales person Henry Quintana was busy with another customer so after 30 minutes Mr. Quintana answered a couple of questions and my husband left. I went to the store later and tested the matress that my husband had chosen. Seemed to be ok. I wait about half hour for Henry. He was writing the order for the matress and asked me about the platform the matress would go on. I called my husband and… Read more »

Ignacio Freehoffer

Original Mattress Factory They promise satisfaction but mislead Hampton Virginia!! When looking for a mattress wep heard about the Original Mattress Factory. We asked about satisfaction guarantee and were assured they would stand by the product and we could return the mattress if we were unhappy. It was huge and too high and we called right away. Yes, for a fee they would exchange it. It was never slept on, but they said since it had been delivered it wasn’t new. It gets body indentations, even though it is flipped regularly and that is really hard to do even with… Read more »

Billi Weuve

Original Mattress Factory Do Not Do Business With This Company! Cornelius North Carolina!! I’m don’t usually leave company reviews but I feel that the internet does provide an oppurtunity to share the other side of the story with the consumer since companies spend huge amounts of money to mold the image they want the consumer to see whether or not that image is true. I can tell you that the image this company is projecting is not the way they deal with the customer once something does not turn out the way it was suppose to or according to the… Read more »

Crystal Dravland

Original Mattress Factory SCAM Maplewood Minnesota!! Letter Sent to Company 3/25/03…Heres a letter you wont post on your wall! I keep hearing your ads for how much you save customers. In fact, I hear them all night long replaying in my head like I did last night, while I was tossing and turning and waking up every two (2) hours on the mattress I bought from you!…I purchased an entire bed set the last week of November at the New Hope store. (Got it as a present, actually, from someone who really couldnt afford to drop $500 for the garbage… Read more »

Lynnette Huggard

Original Mattress Factory Another OMF SCAM , Internet!! I was so glad to find this page and hope others will find it before they too become victims of these dishonest ppl….My husband and I did a lot of searching before we purchased our mattress from OMF. The one we tried in the showroom was so much better than what they sent to us. It felt like someone had a fist in our backs and both ends of the mattress were considerably lower than the middle. When lying down our heads were going downhill. It was horrible. We went back to… Read more »

Carter Evanko

Original Mattress Factory Very Poor Quality Cincinnati, Ohio!! I bought a mattress at OMF about 2.5 years ago. It was one of their “top of the line” ORTHOPEDIC EUROTOP. I have a close friend who used to work there, so that was a major reason I trusted that I would get a good mattress at a good price. The salesman was really nice and informative and I thought I had made good purchase….For the first year and a half I loved the mattress and slept well on it. I have shoulder and back problems, so I need something supportive for… Read more »

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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