Orlando Vista Hotel poor service, rude staff, etc. Orlando Florida!!

The room fire alarms went off in the middle of the night several times when the heat was turned on; there were dogs that barked across the hall from us 2 nights in a row the only response I got from the front desk in the middle of the night, that we could move but at 3am who in their right mind would want to pack up everything and move, instead of moving the problem the staff wants to move everyone around the problem….Telephone in the room crackled and barley could hear anyone on the phone, hotel staff tried to take the baggage cart from us when we were heading to our room and got rude when we wouldn’t give it up after waiting 20 minutes. No one offered anything to fix any of the situations and there was an excuse for every problem and no management to talk to, and the front desk staff stated that no one turns on the heat in Florida….Mtanggt804…Hayes, VirginiaU.S.A.