Orlando World Center Marriott World Center Marriott Thieving Hotel Staff Orlando, Florida!!

My expensive tablet was stolen from the room my family and I were staying at at the Orlando World Center Marriott in April. It seems that the hotel doesn’t grasp the term “stolen”. I brought my tablet there on Friday thinking I would be able to access the internet at no charge. Not so, this hotel charges quite a bit per night and extremely high prices for food and still wants to charge for internet starting at $15/ 24 hour period! So, I did not use my Xoom for the internet the entire weekend. When we left on Sunday I left without it. I notified security, filed a police report, did everything I could think of to report the theft.Claims got in touch with me but after two weeks and several attempts was unable to obtain the information requested from the hotel. After my third call to the claims department, in Texas, she called the hotel to try to reach a supervisor. After all this time they claim the person who cleaned the room never saw it – duh! Of course not! Their word against mine. How do you prove something was stolen from your room when the person(s) who stole it has keys?!This hotel makes enough money in 5 minutes to cover the cost of replacement for my tablet that one of their employees pilfered from my room. I had to save money for that weekend getaway and use my tax return. The only time of year we get the opportunity for something special. I’m a single parent who lives pay check to pay check and simply cannot go out and buy another one. And I wouldn’t have to if their staff hadn’t stolen it.Since they have been unresponsive in coming to a reasonable settlement for this I have filed a complaint with the BBB, written letters to the general manager, corporate office, and Attorney General for the State of Florida. And now this report.Large companies must be stopped form denying any liability for their employees actions! I walked in the room with my tablet, never took it out of the room, and had to leave without it. It was not in the room where I know I put it. There is no other explanation other than theft and I think the hotel should accept responsibility and cover the cost of replacement.