Ortho Mattress Selling Premium Stearns and Foster Mattresses That Fail After 18 Months of Use California!!

I paid over $4000 for a sleep system purchased from Ortho Mattress, which included a premium Stearns and Foster Mattress. I specifically purchased a u2018firm’ mattress, and for a period of 18 months that followed, the mattress was the one of the most comfortable my wife and I had ever slept on. After this 18 month period the mattress started to get very u2018soft’ and u2018saggy’ on both sides of the bed and was very clearly no longer in the category of a u2018firm’ mattress. The only part of the mattress that was still firm was the middle of the mattress where nobody normally lies, and where a large u2018hump’ had now formed. The mattress is at this point so uncomfortable that we cannot sleep through the night, and wake up with back pain every morning. I contacted Ortho customer service to explain the situation to them and they told me that the mattress was warrantied for 10 years, and that I would need to pay $60 for one of their inspectors to look at the mattress and measure the depressions in the mattress. If the depressions were 1.5 inches or greater in depth then they would replace the mattress under warranty. The mattress was inspected however the depressions did not meet the 1.5 inch or greater threshold, and Ortho told me that there was nothing that they could do to help. I asked them to contact Stearns and Foster directly and appeal to them, which they did, but Stearns and Foster also said there was nothing that they could do as the depressions in the mattress did not meet their threshold. So I paid someone to come out and inspect a mattress that we can no longer sleep on, only to be told that there was nothing wrong with it …… There is obviously something fundamentally flawed with a process that measures the quality and usability of a high-end mattress purely based on depressions in the mattress. Something is clearly wrong with the structure of the mattress that has caused the mattress to become u2018soft’ and extremely uncomfortable, regardless of whether there are depressions greater than 1.5 inches in the mattress or not. The inspector was specifically asked by my wife to lie on the bed so that he could see just how soft the sides of the mattress where we sleep are compared to the middle of the mattress which is still as firm as the day we bought it. When you pay this kind of money for a high-end u2018firm’ mattress I think it is reasonable to assume that the mattress remains u2018firm’ at the very minimum for the period of the 10 year warranty, assuming you take good care of the mattress – This mattress lasted only 18 months before we started having issues. This is not an isolated incident and if you do your own web search on u2018stearns and foster consumer complaints’ you will find a huge number of customers who have complained about exactly the same problem. Also check out Ripoff Scams, Complaintsboard.com, Consumeraffairs.com and Complaints.com and search on u2018stearns and foster’ if you need more information. So in the final analysis Ortho Mattress is not willing to leverage their supplier (Stearns and Foster) to do the right thing for their customers, and continue to sell their poor quality products. The Ortho Mattress customer service was appalling – This process took over 2 months just to reach an unacceptable resolution. Every time I sent an email to the Ortho customer service representative in La Mirada, CA, I had to follow-up with that same person 2 or 3 times just to get a response to my emails. Furthermore, Stearns and Foster will not stand behind their premium product, and instead choose to u2018hide’ behind a warranty condition that lets them off the hook, and leaves you as the customer having to shell out for a new mattress. Both Ortho Mattress and Stearns and Foster have no regard for their customers and I would never do business with them again.