Orvis orvis dog beds memory foam temper pedic orvis.com Manchester Vermont!!

Oris dog beds are absolute garbage. I paid $450 for a Temper Pedic dog bed I found in the memory foam section of the website. It contains absolutely no memory foam whatsoever. Orvis is aware of this. They tried to justify their trickery by telling me they called the foam ‘Temper Pedic Foam’, not memory foam. But they placed the bed in the memory foam section, and Tempeer Pedic only makes memory foam. I tried three times to write this review on the Orvis website. They rejected each one. I am barrred, and what I wrote was exactly what I wrote above. Why would this review be barred? Why would Orvis team up with Temper Pedic to make a bed without memory foam? Why would they place that bed in the memory foam section of the website? Do you see how this was all planned from the very start? Someone at Orvis actually had a conversation with someone at Temper Pedic, and what they talked about was how easy it would be to trick people out of $450. But Orvis was a decent company at one time. This is a sudden change, although the shirt I bought last year from them ripped in the washer the first time I washed it. Maybe the owners of Orvis have taken up ******* *****. I wouldn’t put it past them. I bet in the hallways at Orvis heaadquarters, if you’re not careful someone will probably sneak right up and *** * **** ** *** *** lunch. I bet they all sold their mothers off by now. I can’t say enough bad things about the scumbags at Orvis. They deserve it too, and they had every chance to make this right. Don’t shop Orvis. They will make a sucker out of you. They will rip you off and then cover their behavior up by rejecting reviews and ignoring your emails to their ‘complaint’ division, which I’m sure is overwhelmed at this point. Shop Cabella’s, get a superior product. Leave these scumbags to be and let them rip each other off until they are out of business. Don’t believe positive reviews on their site. They are most likely written by employees. Negative reviews are rejected, so there is nothing worth reading on the entire site, nothing worth buying in the entire inventory. If they ripped me off, they’ll rip you off.