Orwell Lodge In Short, A Slum. Potts Point, Nationwide!!

I’ve stayed at this location more than once and found both the leasing staff woman to be rude and unhelpful and the lodging itself to be a slum. Efforts to return there have had none of my emails replied to and she’d have no reason not to rent to me again….Other guests are just as rude and unhelpful, not knowing if the manager lived there, what her name was, or for that matter likely how they came to be there. Odd….Rooms are dated, with serious mold problems throughout. I am allergic and had no problem finding this out….Fixtures and finishings are also dated, having a fridge covered with rust, an outer door that would not close, she said I can close it and you can not, carpets that are stained….Windows that will not close. A shower with vanity mirror that looked like it came from Stalag 13 complete with rusty drain pipe cover you need to stand on in bare feet. Can you say Lockjaw and Tetanus? Knew you could….No heat and roaches the size of large mice. Of course no AC either….Clothing storage and dressers riddled with bug death….Kitchen items and glassware covered with prior users food gunk….I’d avoid this one too….http://www.orwelllodge.com.au/…Orwell Lodge 18 Orwell St, Potts Point, NSW Australia, 2011 Phone +61 (02) 93581745…Email: [email protected]