OSCO BRUG made false accusations to fire me was due for raise and making too much $$ Muncie Indiana!!

After working for this company for 13 years, I was accused of trying to forge a prescription for myself for antibiotics. Someone entered the information into the computer, leaving an obvious trail. The company had been trying to get me to quit for quite some time, and on more than one occassion made me do menial labor rather than my specialty area….I was also told many times that I was sick too often. I was due for a raise, a large one, at the time that I was fired. Since then, I have discovered others who have worked for this company whom have also been treated unfairly. Employees are treated badly. I can now not get a job in my specialty area (pharmacy) due to to being fired, for something that I did not do….Cheryl…Muncie, IndianaU.S.A.