Oster Lindet ApS / Lars Petersen and Underground Safety Equipment, 7305 E. Greenway Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. International Thieves Denmark and Scottsdale, Arizona!!

ALERT! …I have been a victim of international thieves! Be extra careful! In November 2016, after placing my resume on the internet, I was contacted by a tour travel company Oster Lindet ApS based in Sonderalle 1, 6630 Rodding, Denmark. The contact is Lars Petersen, Supervising Manager. I placed my trust in Oster Lindet and accepted the job offer due to economic reasons. They offered me a home-based position, Tourist Assistant, to assist clients in the USA with financial transactions, scheduling flights and hotels. Some clients paid for their services with checks. The checks were to be deposited in my account, and the money to be transferred later to an office outside the USA, via MoneyGram. I received two checks from their client, Underground Safety Equipment, located at 7305 E. Greenway Road, Scottsdale, Arizona. The two checks were fictitious and returned by the bank; but too late! I had already made the transfer to Oster Lindet’s manager, Chengbao Liu, in Harbin, China. I never received reimbursement of the $2,500.00 transferred or my salary for the first month on the job. I’m filing a Police Report as well as posting this crime on the internet social media to alert others of the cruelty of this people. God is with me; his justice never fails!