Osumndo Thompson Buckeye Arizona Osmundo Tamara Thompson Scam Artist Buying and Disputing Buckeye Arizona!!

Osmundo Thompson of Buckeye Arizona scammed us out of furniture. They ordered a large orange custom made bed, they received the bed, approved it had it set up slept in in for a few days and even said be piled his family into the bed and form what I know he a very large person, they broke a part of the bed very easy to fix but then started by telling me it was not the color they ordered. After I showed them the email where they approved and said the u201cloved the color choiceu201d he then changed the story to something else was wrong. He then told me he should have a 4k bed even if he paid $2200 as if he deserves more than he can afford. The bed was built for his budget his wife just got upset at the color and tried weaseling out of it any way he could. Now he charged it back on us and kept the bed too. He is a thief and scam artist watch out