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otel.com Roomerflex Bait & switch scam!!

I made a reservation online through a company called otel.com. Their name appeared next to other online hotel reservation companies like TripAdvisor, Hotel.com, etc. when I googled the name of the hotel where I wished to stay. I purchased the reservation for August 8 but they sent me a reservation for a different date. I tried to contact them to see if I could change my reservation. It turns out this company is based in Turkey. The only way I could communicate was through online chat. I wasted a lot of my time only to have them tell me that I could not change the date of my reservation and my reservation was non-refundable. My only recourse was to call my credit card company and dispute the charge. Never use these people to make a hotel reservation.

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Ezequiel Yoho

Otel.com, Metgloba,l DHR, hotelspro.com, tatil.com, allstarhotels.com- Shockingly poor customer service, no regard for their customers, unfair treatment Internet!! On 29th July 2013, using my Credit card, I paid for 3 nights stay in a Rome hotel (called River Chateau) which was booked for 27th September to 1st Oct 2013 with “www.otel.com”. When we arrived at the hotel we were told that there was no room available for us. We were told we could stay at a hotel close by called Flemming hotel. This was further from the town center, in a noisy and dirty street and not of a similar… Read more »

Elvie Shiley

otel.com metglobal Cheating multinational!! I have been cheated by otel.global by over 800 u20ac. In December 2012 I made a reservation in Hotel fortaleza do Guincho through otel.com (metglobal) for the period June 14 – 24 , 2013, six months in advance that was fully charged in my credit card and confirmed on Dec. 17 I checked in the hotel June 14, but, unfortunately, we had to check out June 17 due to illness. Since then, I have been complaining both to the hotel and otel.global to obtain the refund with poor results. They refuse to accept their cancellation policy… Read more »

Eufemia Gianopoulos

otel.com Stole money after Hurricane Sandy Internet!! We lost our home in Hurricane Sandy and Otel.com would not amend our refund our money for our trip. United airlines refunded our airline tickest and offered us a voucher for what we have been through. Otel.com said they would change the booking then sent another email saying that their system wouldnt alllow it. i am so dissapointed in this company we lost so much and this company would not help at all. all travel companies have given refunds or ammended their trips such as expdia travelocity priceline except otel.com they have stolen… Read more »

Stephany Schomin

otel.com Charged me Euros instead of US dollars as promised New York New York!! I booked a room at the St Regis hotel in Florence from July 2nd to July 10th , 2013. The otel.com site showed US dollars at all times. They advertized $540 US per night for which I agreed to from July 2nd to July 9th, but they charged my credit card in Euro’s., which is 40% more.. On the confirmation after I was very clear I wanted the first night to be July 2nd, the confirmation came back July 2nd to July 9th. I immediately tried… Read more »

Jesenia Wedlow

Otel.com Travel scammers Internet!! I just experienced a similar incident regarding Otel.com They sold nights for a hotel in Honolulu that showed sold out on every other web site. They confirmed the dates and charged my card in full immediately after making the purchase. They sent me an email voucher that I am supposed to present to the hotel upon arrival next week. The problem isthe hotel has no record of my reservation and truly is sold out and has been sold out for weeks. I have contacted Otel.com and Tourico Holidays several times regarding this matter and all I’m… Read more »

Lane Iverson

Otel.com DHR.com, Met Global, GTA Hotels. Charges your credit card before securing hotel booking, Internet!! These guys are an absolute scam. I booked a hotel through them and they charged my credit card. Luckily I checked their online site a few days later and found that the reservation was “on request”. I called them to find out what the deal was and they said they have been very busy and they would call the hotel right away to see if they could secure the room. They couldn’t. And yet, they already charged my credit card! Guess what else… the room… Read more »

Pei Melson

otel.com Absolute Scam web site booking Internet!!

Made a booking – no confirmation received. Realized immediately the wrong dates had been booked and tried to find a way to contact them. No phone or email so I left a message on their facebook page asking them to change dates.They responded saying their policy was to cancel the booking and I lost my money. There is no such cancellation policy .I am applying to my bank to reverse the payment. Read the reviews on them. Don’t just believe me. Under NO circumstances should you use otel.com

Roxana Farone

Otel.com Will not return any of my phone calls. I want to cancel the hotel reservation. Charged my cc already Turkey Internet!!

Several weeks ago, I made a hotel reservation through Otel.com. They charged my credit card up front without guaranteeing me a reservation. I need to cancel my reservation, and they will not return any of my e-mail requests to cancel. I have just read the reviews for this company, and they are terrible! I should have read the reviews before booking. I want my money back, and I want this dishonest company put out of business!

Vernon Whitemarsh

otel.com otel.com scamsters and cheats Internet!! we booked 2 nights at the Yosemite Lodge, for which we were immediately charged almost $700. When we arrived at the Lodge, after a 7 hour drive, we were told there was no booking and the voucher Otel.com had emailed us was a fraud. In fact, we were the second guest that day to arive with an Otel.com voucher that was fraudulent. Unfortunately, there were no rooms available at the Lodge or anywhere within 2 hours of Yosemite. The manager of the hotel got some guy on the phone at Otel.com who told them… Read more »

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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