Our365.com Our365, Misrepresented product quality on website and over the phone St. Charles, Missouri!!

Our365 baby products company is unethical, uses bullying sales tactics, claims to sell sterling silver products that are really made of tin….An Our365 representative came to my daughter at the hospital when my granddaughter was born in Clearwater, FL. They took unauthorized photos of my granddaughter, claiming that they were for hospital use, when they were not. My daughter said she did not want photos taken by a company she hadn’t ever heard of, but the salesperson for Our365 said the photos were for hospital use. I called the hospital and they said that Our365 wasn’t authorized to take any photos, that they were just there to sell products, and that any photos Our365 took were solely for their own use. The hospital has their own photographers who do take one photo of the baby. The salesperson for Our365 told my daughter if she didn’t let her take the pictures that the hospital wouldn’t release the baby to go home. Unforgivable and disgustingly unethical!…They left a catalog with my daughter of their products. I made the mistake and ordered a product from their website, our365.com. It was a silver locket necklace which held a small photo of the baby. On the website they claimed the necklace was sterling silver. When I called the 800 number to confirm that the necklace was indeed sterling silver, the representative named Esmeralda confirmed that it was sterling silver. I asked about their warranty policy. Esmeralda stated that “we don’t have one, but if you’re not happy with an item, we will refund it within 30 days.”…Unfortunately Our365 did not live up to their statements on the web and over the phone. When I received the necklace it looked and felt cheaply made. I took it to two separate jewelers who confirmed that nothing on the necklace was sterling silver. By the time I found out that it was tin, and not sterling silver, it was already getting “pits” in the “silver”; which, if you’ve ever left a tin can outside for a while, you will recognize as decomposition in the tin. Eventually it would have just rotted….I phoned Our365 and asked for an explanation. The rep I talked to could not answer, so I asked for a supervisor. It took 2 phone calls, being on hold approx. 45 minutes each time, just to get through to a manager to call me back, which they did the following day. I told the manager that I was returning the product to Our365 and that they could reimburse me for cost as well as my shipping cost for the return to send it certified mail (to make sure someone there signed for it, so I had proof they received the item), since the product wasn’t what they guaranteed on their site and over the phone….The company did reimburse me the cost of the item but refused to reimburse me for shipping. They reimbursed the item cost within 10 business days – on the 10th day. I called and asked to speak to the CEO of the company. A man called me back the next day claiming to be the “CEO” and basically told me the same thing the reps did, that I was shoot out of luck and they wouldn’t reimburse shipping even though they lied about what their products actually are made of….I wouldn’t recommend purchasing any products from this company as their jewelry is made of tin, they don’t offer any warrantees, their customer service is horrendous, and their tactics are bullying and unethical.