Outdoor Power Equipment Better be a rich man in dealing with these guys! Norwich New York!!

I have a riding power mower I purchased long ago from Lowes. It is out of warantee of course so I must use repair companies that charge a lot for services on equipment not purchased from them of course. Here is where I came into a problem with these people. They had this tractor just before winter and I had them sharpen the blades and check it out so I would be ready for spring. Spring is here and I was sprung by these folks! I went to start it recently and it did not start so I charged the battery with my professional charger. It still would not start so I had them pick it up recently to see what was wrong. They got it and a week or so I got the bill. 20 dollars to bring it to them 20 dollars to get it back. 80 dollars for I am not sure. They said I had the battery hooked up wrong, negative pole positive charge etecetera. 100.00 bucks and I am a retiree on only a small pension and social security. It hurt believe me! When they drooped it off I started it up and it smoked so much I could not see my hand in front of my face! White smoke and lots of it. I called them again and they came and hauled it away. I had not heard from them for awhile so I called them. They said blade was bent and that is why it would not cut grass or move. They told me that when I told the driver who picked it up that it was not cutting the grass or spinning on the tractor. Now I am waiting for another 100 dollar bill from them. I will not pay it because I do not have the money! I would have thought that these folks would have tested this mower before they delivered it!