Outlet Cancun Travel, Privileged Travelers, Members Benefits Vacation Scam Alert Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico Internet!!

After returning home from our timeshare in Cancun, I received a letter stating that because of our stay at >>>>>>>>>>>>> we were entitled to a special price on another vacation in Cancun. This is what the first few lines said:”You are receiving this in reference to your recent stay at >>>>>>>>>>>>>. We are offering this to you just as a one time reward! Also private first class transportation to and from the airport and 2 spa passes (at select resorts) This is a $500.00usd credit!” Because they mentioned the name of our timeshare resort we thought that it was a legitimate offer. We paid for 5 days – $790.00 and were told to call 60 days before we planned on going and that we were guaranteed our pick of the hotels and resorts that were on the list. They had us pay through Pay Pal using a credit card and told us that we had 18 months to travel. Well, when we called to book our 5 days we thought all was going great until we never received a confirmation. After several days of trying to get an answer on the phone we finally reached someone and he said not to worry that it was all set and that we would receive an email within 45 days, but when the email never came we again made several attempts to contact them. Finally we talked with someone who told us that everything was fine and that we would hear from the hotel in 2 weeks to arrange our airport pick up. That call never came so we again tried and tried to call them but no one answered and then we called the hotel directly and were told that we didn’t have reservations and that they had never heard of Privleged Travelers. So again we tried contacting them but no one ever answered. Yesterday someone finally answered but I was told that they weren’t the same company, that they were Outlet Cancun Travel. I asked them why they answered the phone when I was calling the number for Members Benefits ( the company that Pay Pal paid) and the guy got angry with me and said that he didn’t have to put up with me and that there was nothing that they could do. The problem is that Pay Pal and most credit cards only give you 180 days to contest a purchase and because they told us we had to wait until 60 days before to make our reservation, then they told us that within 45 days we would receive an email from them and then we were told that the hotel would contact us within 2 weeks, we were then over the 180 days! So now we have already purchased our flight tickets and we have no place to stay. Without that money that I gave them I can’t afford another place. These people are despicable! We work hard all year so that we can finally take a vacation and they have taken our hard earned money and scammed us! Please don’t fall for this like we did! Here are just a few of the names of people who we spoke with: John Gonzales, Victor Cruz, David ?, and 2 others whose names I didn’t get. The phone numbers that they use are ( but there may even be others ) 800-460-1423, 888-791-0320, 800-803-2402, 800,470-6902, 800-733-2715. Buyer beware of any of these phone numbers!!!