Outwear Outlet sold me a defective leather jacket, lied to me about the provenance, refuse customer service and assistance Flint Michigan!!

I bought a leather jacket at Outwear Outlet in the Genesee Valley Mall in Flint, The German lady working there sold me this david moore leather coat that seemed good (at the time) selling it as an European imported coat made of high quality leather. I even bought the protection thinking that it was the type of coat you keep for 10 years. I was wrong! A few month after, (after using the leather protection and avoiding rainy day) having wearing it for less than 10 times the jacket completely ripped over the hand pocket while opening the zipper, the coat ripped like butter and revealed how bad was the design and the manufacturing. I show it to a friend for advice who told me it was totally a half assed job, with a very thin layer of leather glued to another layer of fabric to make it feel thicker. I tried to look for the brand (David Moore) on the net and could find anything so I called the owner of outwear outlet, Mike. He was nothing but uninterested to help me and was extremely rude and arrogant to me. I got from him though that he was responsible of the manufacturing of the brand he sell, so much for the european made jacket! If you want to shop there, think twice!