Overflow Heating and Cooling Scammed my family in Birmingham Alabama!!

Service started out prompt and courteous. I called Jeff’s company in response to a Groupon. Jeff appeared to be knowledgeable and I was very impressed with his company’s website. He very promptly came out to my house to diagnose the problem. He initially also provided great news that my ac unit was still under manufacturer’s warranty, so the needed part was covered, we just had to pay for labor. After receiving Jeff’s quote for labor, we checked around and was referred to another business that would be approx 125 dollars cheaper. My family and I didn’t want to take business away from Jeff due to our initial impression. We told Jeff of this quote, and he agreed to match, but he would not fill the unit with freon until the part came in. Although this freon would have given my family relief, a family which includes 3 children under age 14, we understood that this wouldn’t have made business sense. So we toughed out the temperatures, which were in excess of 85 degrees for nearly a week. We did seem to notice less enthusiasm in Jeff after he came down in price. He had mentioned previously that he would help us to troubleshoot a dryer vent issue. This was never mentioned again, but we didn’t care, just fix our a.c. For the next few days we heard nothing from Jeff. After multiple calls Jeff finally advised us that he was just waiting on the part. After nearly a week, Jeff received the part, and came out and fixed our unit, or so we thought. The cool air lasted for about a month. We called Jeff but for some reason we couldn’t get him to answer our call, or at least my cell. My wife was able to reach him from our home#. Jeff agreed to come out. This time he tells us that he actually didn’t receive a complete new part which was covered under warranty. So he used a piece of the old faulty part with the new part, and he thinks that this is causing an issue. I’m thinking to myself, why would you do that, but I was happy that Jeff didn’t try to charge us anything. He had given us a one year warranty parts and labor, and he was honoring it. Jeff didn’t do the work this time, he sent one of his technicians. The work was done, and the unit cooled, for about another 3 weeks. Same issues as before. We reached out to Jeff, and he stated he would come look again on a Saturday. Saturday comes and is almost over, but no Jeff. We called Jeff several times, but he finally answered. He then tells us that he was sorry, he forgot and was on his way out of town. He tells my wife that if we need service immediately he would pay for us to use someone else. But we were okay using Jeff still so he promises to come out on Sunday. He comes and I go out to talk to him. This time he tells me he isn’t sure what the problem is, but he cleaned the unit and charged it with freon. The unit worked for about 3 weeks. We noticed all the warning signs. So I reached out to Jeff. He tells me that he would check the unit the following day. I get home, no indication Jeff was there. Maybe it was just wishful thinking but my home seemed cool. Maybe he came, and just didn’t tell us. But by the weekend it was evident as the inside temp was 89-91 degrees. I text Jeff. He says I’ll be there at 4. It’s 4:30 no Jeff. Jeff isn’t responding to calls or texts for the rest of the night. We get a text from Jeff the following day saying sorry left my phone somewhere, can’t come today, I’ll come tomorrow. We say never mind Jeff, just give us a refund. Now Jeff doesn’t understand why we want our money back. Let’s see, we paid you to provide a service. You didn’t fix our problem after multiple attempts. You don’t respond to our calls or texts. You don’t show up when you say you will, and now you don’t want to refund us. I’m sure that Jeff has lost money on our unit but it isn’t my family’s fault that the problem wasn’t fixed. We were patient until we were ignored. So hopefully jeff does right and refunds us but he has refused to this point. I guess that Jeff thinks it’s okay to not provide a service that was paid for. His only justification was, “Well what I fixed was broken!” Really Jeff, so you would be okay buying a service and letting the owner tell you, you know what, I didn’t fix the overall problem, but I fixed something and that’s good enough. So either Jeff didn’t fix the problem, or he created a greater problem, or Jeff just wasn’t able to diagnose the problem properly. Regardless, I have been in a home with temperatures in excess of 90 degrees for nearly a week now. I have incurred additional expenses by having to pay a new business to fix the problem that Jeff couldn’t, and purchasing a hotel room nightly. I’ve even had to pay to have my dog boarded at a vet.