Overstock Closeout Sales Scammed me for money on a Gorilla swingset I never got , Internet!!

I received a response from an inquiry on craigslist for a wooden swingset directing me to www.overstockcloseoutsales.com. I looked at the website really well and noticed that they had the Better Business Bureau stamp in the corner of the add and additional links to twitter/facebook/ebay and paypal. I felt better knowing that these additional groups were associated with this website. I created an account and started looking at the merchandise. I selected a swingset and started my purchase. When I went to purchase the item it stated in the payment section that as a first time purchase I was required to pay with Green dot/money pak. The purchase was confirmed and held for confirmation when the payment was received. After making my payment I received confirmation that my payment had been received and my order was now being prepared for delivery. The website stated that it normally takes 7-14 business days for delivery. I am now well within this timeline and have not received my purchase….I went back to the website and it is no longer available. I have sent emails to Adam Baker @ Overstock Closeout Sales.com and receive an undeliverable message each time.