Overstock Furniture & Mattress bought “as is” deceptive and unfair business practices West Melbourne FL!!

Even though it wasn’t posted prominently in the store, everything is as is, all sails final. They never told me and I have a witness. But, if they are claiming “as is”, by law they are supposed to send the exact item I looked at. Well, they didn’t so I started a charge back. They sent the sleaziest reply and got Capital One to send them $537.00 their way. There was not one shred of truth in their charge back dispute. They even stated I was completely satisfied and that I dropped the dispute. I had to laugh and be pissed at the same time. I am not going to drop this issue. I am ready to pay more than the table is worth just to get them to stop screwing people. It may not stop them but it will surely send a message. I am not giving up. When you deal with a business, you expect a reasonable amount of fairness. Well, this time I didn’t. They claimed I signed an “as is” agreement and to my surprise, I did. I gave them my credit card and then had me sign a slip. I thought I was signing to approve the credit charge but they snuck in the “as is” clause without telling me. I imagine this is their way of ensuring you buy the item by not telling you about “as is” and make sure you are legally bound to buy it. This is not the reasonable expectation of fairness that one would expect!