Overstock Outlet Dangerous product: Health Hazard Chantilly Virginia!!

The Shop-Vac vacuum Cleaner was on sale in overstock outlet store in Chatilly, VA. We purchased the product and we took it home. We have a one year old baby so we wanted a powerful vacuum cleaner to keep the house clean. The next day we opened the box to connect the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum clean was not only dirty from outside but there is a lot of dirty/health hazardoues stuff in the vacuum cleaner. We were shocked to see that companies are allowed to sell such a product. We were shocked and wonder if there are any guidlines that govern these companies. We are not only unconformtable with this box in our house but it is a hazard to keep it in our home. I am going to hold on to the product in my garage till I hear back from the authorities. I am planning to return/dispose the product in 20 days. Please let me know if there is something we can do to make sure such companies are not allowed to business in this manner. Thanks & Regards, Prashanth