Owner Finance Buyers, LLC ownerfinancebuyers.com Brandon Coppock & Wayne Sanford The Credit Guy Brandon Coppock, Wayne Sanford credit, OFB, Ownerfinancebuyers.com,Owner Finance Buyers, LLC lost over $4,500, lost our home, unlicensed brokerage activities, undisclosed liens, refusal to resolve or refund any money lost, calls it “marketing” now Allen, Texas!!

We went through Brandon Coppock of Owner Finance Buyers, LLC aka: ownerfinancebuyers.com and lost over $4,500.00 and our home due to undisclosed liens. Brandon Coppock’s company claims to help buyers get into homes that are being owner financed. He walked us through the entire process assuring it would be a safe and legitimate transaction. We never met the property owner that we were told owned the house “free and clear” by Brandon. (this can be confirmed by a phone recording) Brandon claimed the property owner was a “cash investor” named Ronald Kroonstuiver”.We have spent many hours researching what happened to us in this deal gone bad. We purchased the home on February, 5th, 2010, at what we were told was a title office of Hoffman, Kaliser, and Messina PC in Dallas,TX. The home had undisclosed liens as well as an HOA which included an $1,800.00 lien as well. We had specifically asked if this home had an HOA and Brandon told us it did not. The house also had a Lis Pendens (law suit) filed on it just 5 days after we signed the paperwork Brandon provided us at the lawyers office.Brandon Coppock and his lawyer took us to court to have our website http:ownerfinancebuyers.biz removed from the public’s view. They claimed that we were being slanderous and using libel statements. We went to court with our lawyer and the judge did not rule against us, but instead let our lawyers come to an agreement. Brandon’s lawyer, G. Thayer Williamson offered $1,500.00 for us to take our website down and drop our small claims court filing. We refused this offer and as a result have been allowed to re-post our complaints and resume our website. Brandon Coppock is partnered with Wayne Sanford, aka “The Credit Guy” who is in partnership with this business.As a result of our website, we have been contacted by others that had bad dealings with this company. If you have had bad dealings with this company or have paid “any” money to Brandon Coppock or Owner Finance Buyers,LLC we can possibly help you at this point. Feel free to contact us via the email address provided on our website listed below.Brandon is unlicensed and claims in his blog he has and is compliant with TRELA (QUOTE) OFBs attorneys have structured our marketing agreement to where it is in and has been direct compliance with the Texas Real Estate Licensing Act. (END QUOTE) He attempts to support what he is doing is in compliance by listing this exemption: Texas Real Estate Commission Exemption to Real Estate License Sec. 1101.005 (2) an attorney-in-fact authorized under a power of attorney to conduct a real estate transaction If you do further research, you will see that there is more to this exemption….Per TREC rule: 535.32. Attorneys in Fact. [Adopted January, 1976. Amended July 1, 1999 and January 1,2011; Ref: 1101.005(2)] A person holding a valid power of attorney recorded in the county in which the particular real property is located and which specifically describes the real property to be sold may act as a real estate agent for the owner of such property without being licensed as a real estate broker or salesperson, provided the person does not use powers of attorney to engage in the real estate brokerage business. We have researched several properties that were listed as “active” or “sold” on the OFB website using online public records. We have not found any of these to have a POA (power of attorney) recorded on them.Our story can be seen here: http://ownerfinancebuyers.biz