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I placed an order with Ozbo on the 28th of April, it’s a Sunday. The order showed up on the 29th. If you read the glowing reports on Ozbo’s site about shipping you would think this was Amazon Prime (which Ozbo is an affiliate of) Ozbo states on their web Site: In most cases orders ship in under 12 hours, and in some cases, ship in as little as 4 hours. Combined with our super-fast shipping, our customer typically has their orders up to a week sooner than our competitors place an order with Ozbo. The order information shows up as to warehouse when you go to their web site and sign in. u201cTo warehouseu201d is meaningless as all order show up u201cTo warehouseu201d and never lose that status even after they have shipped. Exactly what is the point of this comment? On Wednesday, May 1st, I go onto chat and talk to Michelle. I give her my order number, she tells me it is shipping today. Great I think. So I wait the day for my tracking number. Email doesn’t show up. (So much for their superfast shipping) On Thursday May 2nd, I’m back to my chat with Michelle. I give her my order number and again she tells me that it will be shipped today. I remind her that this is exactly what she told me yesterday. She now remembers the conversation and assures me that it will go out today. Friday comes – Guess what, no Email tracking. This time I call customer service and I talk to some else. They put me on hold for about 15 minutes, I find out they need to talk to Michelle. So I also ask about why it’s taken so long to get this order out to me, that it was placed on Sunday meaning they would start the process on Monday. They tell me it takes a full day to verify the credit card information – A day? Seriously? I can walk into any retailer in the country and they can tell me within 20 seconds if the card is declined. A full day? Get serious. In hindsight I should also have looked as they charge your card the day the order was placed, not the day it was shipped. The order was shipped on Friday and I got on Saturday. I also live 300 miles from the warehouse, so this isn’t unexpected from FedEx ground. Finally get the order – I open the package, and they missed part of the order! I am now BS. I call Monday morning and they explain how sorry they are, they will ship out the remaining product and to enjoy my day. OK so I should have learned my lesson but I’m a slow learner, and they do have descent pricing. I place an order on 05-12-13. Not thinking that I’m going to get the order within 48 hours, I wait three days. Now they tell me it will be going out in 8 days. A little over a week to process 7 items? And I’ve been billed for the items already. They are telling me it’s going to go out on the 20th; I have no Confirmation of that though. Other things to be aware of. Once you sign in a register as a new customer they bring you to a page to put in your personal information. If however you ever want to edit that information, you can edit it on the screen but there is NO submit button to change the information. Get it right the first time and remember the password they give you. You can’t change it. There is no way to submit your feedback to the web site. They have a number of glowing submissions about their site. I’m guessing they were written by Michelle. They have a point system. Buy something them, review it and they give you 50 points. Register for the site and they give you 500 points. 500 points gets your 10.00 or your next order. However you can’t use a coupon code (Like you could find on retailmenot.com) and their code. It’s one or the other. When you redeem their code, that doesn’t translate to the order. You redeem the code, it goes away. The process is that they will send you an email with the code. Then you can come back into the web site and put the code in. Makes no sense. Final conclusions: Ozbo has descent pricing and at 4.95 shipping they offer a good value for the money. Their practice of billing when you place the order stinks. Don’t expect your order in a couple of days; give them a week at the earliest. Their website is misleading. I have Amazon Prime, which costs a little more so in the future, I will never order from this company again!

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Kevin Hoppel

I will start off and say that I did get my order. I was looking for a Milwaukee M12 Hackzall and Ozbo had the best price. I like the idea of buying stuff from smaller companies and trying to help them out by doing business with them, but this time it was a mistake. I read some reviews on yscam.com, but decided that it wouldn’t happen to me. After placing my order I received and e-mail that said, “We’re going to wow you!” This is how they did it!…I placed my order June 23, 2012. I ordered a Milwaukee M12… Read more »

Clayton Husak

Ozbo Poor Customer Service Internet!!

Do not expect expedited service even if you pay for it. They claim to ship most orders within 24 hours but mine took 4 days and then was shipped USPS. they initially sent me a confirmation that my order had been delivered (to Pennsylvania- I live in Nevada). I exchanged 11 emails with Michelle who blamed Amazon for everything. I requested a refund of $4.44, the difference between regular shipping and the expedite that I paid for. She refused, was rude and unprofessional. I will not do business with this company again.

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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