PT Jewlery Coin & Bullion Co. Joe Mccarron FRUAD CALIFORNIA!!

CON-ARTIST TOOK $1812.75 FROM ME AND SENT “”ZERO”” OWE ME THE 3.00CT+ DIAMOND PLATINUM RING hemet,…HI I WAS RIPPED OF $1812.75 ON A DEFAULTED LAYAYAY AGREEMENT ON AN EBaY AUCTION ITEM. mr joe mccarron agreed to let me pay over time for the ebay auction i won in november….it was for a total with shipping of $1812.75 dollars i just apid him in full on 8-01-02 and he has sent me zero and wont answer calls or letters either….old ebay auction #1662210360. i am out now almost 2 k and i have no luck catching this liar and frauder..please help me……pamela…elgin, Illinois