Pacific Excursion Fabian Smith Pacific Excursion is a Scammer! Alameda California!!

I bought a tour last June, but then there was an emergency and me and my girlfriend could not go anymore. I emailed them like 10 times and received no reply… I tried calling the number on their website many many times but always get a voice mail machine. I left a couple of voice messages, like around 3-6 messages on the machine asking them to give me a call but received none. then suddenly, they emailed me and told me that its passed 30 days and i could not get any refund….again, i emailed them if i could just still get the tour (not a refund) and they said it was ok to just reschedule it to a different date. this email they replied to me was like after a few months i have been emailing them….finally, somebody picked up on Friday, Sept 2, 2005 and they confirmed me that my tour is rescheduled on Saturday, Sept. 3, 2005….The aggreement was that they were to pick us up at Caltrain station on 4th street San francisco at around 6:45am. Me and my girlfriend live here around concord-pittsburg, ca area and we had work that friday night so we had to leave work early just to have at least 3 hour sleep before we leave for the trip. I was tried and sleepy but i still drove to san francisco and we arrived there at around 6:00 am….We waited until 7am and we werent even been called. I called their number to ask what time they were going to pick us up. The guy on the phone said something like “im just going to look at ur order, let me call you back.” i waited for 15 minutes and he did not call me so i called him back again.. then he said they were overbooked by 3 people and again he hangup the phone and said he was going to call me back.. the third time i called (after another 15-20 moinutes) the guy said there is no way we could get to the trip.. he asked me to get to a different trip that i ordered but then we had to wait for another hour….so i just asked him to give me a refund and he told me im going to get it by monday.. how come i could get a refund now that they made a mistake!! i have been asking for a refund before and never got even a call back….BBB REPORT:……I reported them to BBB thinking they will be scared and issue a refund….It was too late for me to have my credit card money back….UPDATE:…ALameda District Attorney’s Office contacted me….THey tried Fabian Smith and was found guilty….Lucky…Pittsburg, CaliforniaU.S.A.