Bought an Amazon Local voucher for $49 for “Air-Duct Cleaning for Unlimited Supply Vents, One Return, and One Main, and HVAC Inspection” — “Sold by Fresh Breeze Air Duct Cleaning”. Called and scheduled the service. Got a confirming phone call the day before. The tech, “Eli”, cleaned some air vents. I explained that we didn’t need the HVAC inspection part of the voucher because we had just had a new furnace and air conditioner installed the day before. He said cleaning the dryer vent was included but I explained we don’t have a dryer vent (we have a condensing dryer). He said cleaning the return vent would be $100 extra and he wanted to sell me a filter for the air return for $89 — it would have to be special ordered because it’s an odd size. I said no to the filter and started to say yes to the extra charge return cleaning but then I realized the voucher clearly said the return was included so I should not have to pay. He argued with me. I called the phone number on the voucher (the number I had called to schedule the appointment). After being on hold for a long long time, the customer service rep said yes cleaning the return vent was included and he should do it without me paying anything extra. However the tech told me he had been on the phone with his boss, and his boss told him to clean it but using the wrong tool so it wouldn’t be a good job. If I wanted it done right, I still needed to pay $100. I wanted it done and I wanted him out of the house, so I agreed. He cleaned the return air vent and I wrote a check for $100. After he left I realized he had not cleaned 3 of the regular air vents — 2 bathrooms and the kitchen still have filthy vents. This was a total ripoff. The tech was pushy and argumentative and did not do the work I had paid for.