I am trying to find other victims of this company’s unscrupulous ways to see about filing a class action lawsuit. I have read horror story after horror story on the internet from so many people who have also fallen victim….Reservations must be made 1 year in advance, however some owners who have been participating for 10+ years have YET to be able to get in for a reservation….APR rate is upwards of 17+%!!!…No buy-out option! Contract is almost 2″ thick….I have set-up a special email address for anyone interested in participating in a Class Action Lawsuit against this company (who was recently acquired by Diamond Resorts International)….Please email here if you are also a victim and are interested in pursuing legal recourse: [Removed by Admin] …I am pursuing options on behalf of my mother who purchased this timeshare scam 2+ years ago. We do not have the resources to pursue this alone, we need help and collaboration from the many others who have been screwed out of their hard earned money….Please feel free to share this email address with anyone else you may know who has fallen victim to this timeshare scam….Thank you for your consideration.