Pacific Monarch Grand VACATIONS No Rooms At The Inn! Laguna Hills California!!

I am totally disgusted with my purchase of this timeshare. I paid CASH for this! On several instances we have tried to book accommodations for Palm Canyon and Tahoe Shores Resort. The only reservation we have been able to get has been for the Cancun resort OVER A YEAR AGO!… I have called the reservation line more than 10 times and have not been able to get any kind of reservation for the resorts I wanted on the dates we needed – other than Day Use! We paid cash for the 89 points and it horrible that we cannot enjoy it when we want to. Also, the coupon for Cabo Azul we won, when we obligated ourselves to the contract, every time we call to redeem the coupon to book a reservation at Cabo Azul Resort the weeks we want are never available….If a person were to go online to Travelocity, or other reservation booking sites a person could book reservations at Pacific Monarch resorts; why is it that a MEMBER cannot get a reservation?…I wish we could get a refund or at least be upgraded to a status where we could be able to use this timeshare. The customer service people are not helpful and all their mantra always is “well this is our most active period of usage for this resort.” What kind of crap is this? $6000 down the drain!!!…R. ****…Palmdale, CaliforniaU.S.A.