Pacific Monarch PMR Gifts promo giveaways timeshare advertisement Encino, California!!

READ THE FINE PRINT of the Customer BILL OF RIGHTS….The government fees amount to almost what a regular cruise trip costs, but without the manipulating sales pitch and controlling of when/where you may travel….And who would fly all the way to Hawaii to stay for two nights…and where?? Can you even pick when??…And I didn’t even read on for the other trips….False information initially provided when PMR gifts called stating I’d won a grand prize of a car or cash and then saying I’d won to enter a drawing. Then a supervisor gets on the phone attempting to be condescending to award an additional bonus prize once I attend the event….When asked who was funding all of this, first I heard that a resort in Vegas names Cancun is but then another rep told me that Pacific Monarch is funding….Just be aware.