Pacific Monarch I feel bad for everyone who signed up with Pacific Monarch, don’t waste your money Laguna Hills California!!

My wife and I went to a presentation in Ontario, Ca. They promised my wife gifts- money, vegas trip, etc.. I knew exactly what to expect, but I knew it would be a fun story to share with others, so I wanted to have that experience with my wife. A sales rep. spoke to us for about 30 minutes. She told us no matter what we chose, we would still be friends. I didn’t believe it. Then we went into a room with others and somebody showed us a powerpoint presentation. This guy was hilarious. He was a very experienced sales man, no wonder people got fooled….Then we went back to our sales rep and she kept presenting their company. You get 133 points every 2 years to use at a resort. If you examine it just a little bit, you’ll see that 1 week at Palm springs or Cabo (garden view, 1 bedroom) will cost you 133 points. The penthouse they show you costs 3-4 times the points you have. You’ll have to wait 2 years to refill your points for your next vacation! If you’re like me and can vacation only on weekends, you’ll get only 2-3 mini vacations then your points are gone. you’ll get more points in 2 years. anyway, after she was done her manager came and told us the prices. It costs 15,000 for 133 points for life. But since it is a “promotion”, he’ll give me 2,000 off. And since my family is from Lebanon like he was, he’ll give me another 2,000 off….Okay, anytime somebody gives you a discount that large, you know you should back off. After I said no, he gave another 1300 off. I said no again, and he said “okay, somebody will come and ask us how well our sales rep did”. I was relieved it was done. Then!!!! A lady came to us and started giving us more deals! Where are the questions???? She offered something else, I said no. Then she tried to sell something for $99.00 so I can get the same deal in 2 years, because my wife said the timing isn’t right now. I guess we should’ve been totally honest and said, “you guys are all liars, and we don’t believe you”. Then she said we can try out their las vegas resort for 249. I said we don’t have time. Our sales rep got angry and said, “will you have time for the free vegas vacation”. And I answered, “probably not, we just came here for fun”. Then they led us to the wheel , and I said thanks and shook her hand, she didn’t even look at me when shaking my hand and left. I thought we would be friends. We got the vegas trip. You can use it midweek, haven’t used it yet. There were a few times when somebody would ring a bell and introduce new owners. I don’t know if it was an act, or if they really committed 11-13 thousand dollars. Sad. Don’t waste your money….Eggness…pasadena, CaliforniaU.S.A.