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In January of 2012 we recieved a postcard offering free airline tickets with a southwest symbol, offering 2 free airline tickets for a 1/2 hour of our time. I was very suspicious.We went to the appt. They asked for our i.d and credit card. We sat down in an area that had vacation destination materials. We entered a room of aprx. 10 couples and that was where we met (Preacher Gerald Jackson)OK, so to save all the gory detais anyway I proceeded to google the company on my new smart phone. I couldn’t find any thing on either of the company names that I had off their screen. We fell for the scam but not without me calling them on a ton of things that I was suspiciousabout.We paid over $5000.00 that night . The next day still feeling sick and suspuious I called my State Better Business Bureau. They had no info on either of the companies.We treied to book a vacation and ended up canceling on them and getting a better deal from our travel agent. We then had to call our credit card co. to get our money back for that trip over $4000.00. They said they would send me a refund of the difference. I still have not recieved it. I tried booking another vacation through them. There is still no deal to be had. My travel agent has come up with a better price for more again. So much for me being my own travel agent. Steve was the person I dealt with and he and I have had many angry matches on the phone. He sounds like a real piece of work. I hope the Preacher and all his followers rot in hell when they are finally caught. All people like ourselves are trying to do is get a little much needed R and R for our families in these crazy economic times. What a Scam