Pacific Travel And Services Scam on Airline ticket Edison New Jersey!!

On August 28, 2015, my father contacted the Pacific Travel & Services LLC in Edison, NJ. He brought booked one Airline ticket with the Agent Van there for a trip to Vietnam on November 19, 2015. He paid cash of $870 for the plane ticket. He then received the electronic ticket and a written receipt on his purchase. After In the beginning of November, we try to contact her several times to get information and confirm the plane ticket but she did not or call back at all. We started to get suspicious so we check the airline itself to confirm it. They told us that the ticket was void Oct 26, 2015 by the company AT Travel in NYC. We then called them and asked for why was their name attached to the void. She then told us that some lady booked a flight and voided a flight under his name.