Pacific West Marketing: Ed Shriber, Ed Shriber One Hell of a Sales Pitch & Produce Nothing. Internet!!

Ed Shriber/Pacific West Marketing called after seeing our product/company ad in a trade industry magazine. Ed claimed he could represent our product line and place promotional sales across many avenues from fundraisers, to casinos and cruise ships and also representation at the trade shows he exhibits at. Ed explained the wonderful and exciting things about his company, experience, connections, etd., etc., etc., After requesting, I received Ed’s “Rep contract” and WOW, a first grader could of written a better contract. (first red flag) Ed said he had a marketing meeting with several casinos in a few weeks and asked if we could send him some product samples. Per his request, we sent him a small amount of product in time for his claimed meetings. After receiving the samples he immediately called and asked why his $1500/check “set up fee” was not included. (second red flag). I told him that once he produces a written order we would then discuss his “fee”. The following few days, I researched Ed Shriber/Pacific West Marketing and found a fair amount of questionable information. I randomly called five companies that were listed on Ed’s web site and was able to talk with the various owners. All five companies in short said; “Run away, he’s a scam artist”, All five companies explained very similar stories about Ed’s sales pitch, taking his “set up fee” and never ever producing any business/orders. Not one of the companies had anything good to say. (third red flag). I contacted Ed and explained that we would not be moving forward and using him as a “Rep” based on the information I received from the five companies I spoke with. Ed became a bit pissed (forth red flag) and tried explaining his AAA rating with the BBB. etc. I even asked Ed if he would supply some references but he wanted no part of that (fifth red flag). I asked Ed to send our samples back but that never happened (sixth red flag). From my research, I can 100% say that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing reputable about Ed Shriber/Pacific West Marketing. Ed is all about a sales pitch and generating a $1500 “start up fee”. Ed talkes on hell of a great sales pitch, but that’s it. You wil gain nothing and lose whatever money, samples you send Ed the con artist. As one of companies said; “Run & Run Away Fast”. Fortunately for us we never sent Ed any money or signed his “first grade” style contract. We never received our samples back nor would Ed return our phone call. Not a big deal and a small price to lose with some product samples.