Packaged Vacations, LLC Paradise Escapes, Inc.; Divine Getaways; Fantacy Vacations; etc. SCAM!!!SCAM!!!SCAM!!!SHAME!SHAME!SHAME!**DC AREA*** Reston, Virginia!!

Here’s the pitch: Your receive a post card in the mail with what looks like the Carnival Cruise Line logo telling you that you are eligable for a free 7-day cruise! All you have to do is call and schedule your attendence to a 90 minute seminar (sales pitch) for a ‘lifetime membership’ in their exclusive club and receive awesome deals for cruises, air fare, hotels, all inclusive vacations packages, etc. The price is initially over $9,000.00!!! But wait, your sales person says that’s way too much for you to pay. They’ll give you a special rate, say $2,000.00. Just fill out the paper work, include your credit card # and start traveling, yippie. Oh, they forgot to tell you that for some unknown reason they’ve changed their company name numerous times; oh and there’s that pestky ol’ District Attorney in Johnson County Kansas who has barred them from doing business in his juridiction. Don’t bother to attend. Google the following: Packaged Vacations, Reservation Services Internatinal (RSI), or Reservations Services Group (RSG) and read read read all about the hassels, and lies, and rip offs. So what do you do if you’ve blindly signed up? You have a three (3) day right to cancel the contract so get your written notice to post office a.s.a.p.!!!