Pacsun Deceitful Dishonest Customer Relations Anaheim Nationwide!!

Firstly, I would like to say that this whole complaint ordeal is not a way of me getting back at a employee of Pacsun or a being coniving consumer trying to rip off the company. My first complaint is that I went to the Pacsun store in queens to return some items without a receipt which isnt a problem because Pacsun’s return policy states merchandise returned without the receipt will be refunded the current selling price of the item in the form of merchandise credit but the employee there gave me half the price of the items and gave me one full refund for one of the items. Second complaint is that I ordered multiple items through there online website to be delivered to one of their stores. The items were paid for and shipped. The day they were supposed to be deivered I tracked it only to see that my orders were refused by the store and sent back, no notification by phone no email nothing. The items I bought were of very low prices so Im assuming they were concerned of losing money on there end. I iniated a contact with corporate only to find out there was nothing I can do. Very frustrating, decietful and dishonest nowhere does it state that they can cancel orders at their discretion or anything of that sort especially after being shipped out and just one step away from being delivered. Ive ordered multiple items before so I just dont understand this company.