painless products, Shawn Davis painless led products I oreded a product i paid for it I was missled to get me past Pay-pals 45 day rule, after this date they will not help you in any way. tacoma , Washington!!

Shawn Davis, Deer park, WA 98409 Phone 509-270-7011 (seller)…I placed the order, I paid for the order using Pay-Pal,I sent several E-Mails with questions, before I placed my order, I had no problems getting answers in fact they had a very good answer for everything. Was told that six weeks is a normal turnaround time, after build and 72 hours of testing and it would be shipped out. I asked why it would take that long, I was told that they build so many of all their different models of lights they cannot keep up with the orders and all models are on back order, so they have no prebuilt lights of any models to send out. Was told about their, warranty 2years on everything and that they were proud to say they have a 98% track record of flawless service and on time delivery. Also other things like the kinds of products they use in there lights everything is American made, and many other leading information….11/30/2012 total of $1230.60 was charged to my pay-pal account.On January 3rd 2013, I E-mailed Shawn about the progress, was told it was still in production, and will be going in for testing as soon as it is complete. This date was within the pay-pal 45day rule but again information given to me at that time from the seller were deceptive, and I had no idea they wanted to just get my over the 45day rule so I had no recourse from their actions. Pay-pals own rule if a dispute is filed after the 45 days there will be no help from pay-pal with no exceptions to this rule. On January 28th 2013, I again sent an E-Mail asking for the progress on the light, on January 28th I received a e-mail back and it stated your unit has been built and will be entering the testing phase shortly, upon successful completion, your order will be sent and a tracking number will sent to you using e-mail. On February 4, 2013 I sent an e-mail asking if the light was shipped? I never received a response….On February 14, and 15 I again sent e-mails asking for information, I have yet to receive a response. I have the e-mails I sent to Shawn Davis (Painless LED Products) and the ones he sent to me. I feel that Shawns leading responses to my questions were intended to deceive me, with full intent and knowledge to keep my money and had no intent of fulfilling my order.