/ Diamond Dotz Stolen and scammed $75 for me Brooklyn NY New York!!

i heard about diamond dotz on a facebook group so i decided to give it a try and purchased a starry night painting from them to help with my anxiety. given that i’m disabled on fixed income, i thought this could work when i searched for diamond dotz online, the first result i received was paint with diamonds website claiming to be diamond dotz. after charging me $75, i never heard from them again and had to message them almost daily to ask for an order status update 2 months later, i received A TRASH BAG From china that was wet and smelled like horror. it was NOT what I was expecting and I want my money back. paintwithdiamonds/diamonddotz refuses to refund my money and theyre offering me a $10 gift card. I DONT WANT A GIFT CARD I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS AGAIN.