I got am e-mail from Rebekah Anthony Saying I had won $1,000,000,000.00. to send some very minimal information to Mr. David VanPeters Publishers Clearing House, Customer Relations Dept.., which I did, I then recieved an E-mail from Mr VanPeters asking me to contact Mr.Topal Miles West Foreign Transfer Mgr. First Trust Bank Of London,65 Front St. Hamilton HM 12, London, U.K.. I looked it up on google and found it later I looked it up on the website they gave me, http:L//ftbuk.com/home/ . Mr. Topal Miles West Phone no. +4470359024240 or +4470 240 2642 Or fax +447045718989. Itook many triesa t get through to Mr. West but I did talk to him, he then e-mailed me saying I would have to open an account at First Trust Bank on line. Found that but things didn’t add up so I called Publishers Crearing House Abuse Division. Who assuyred me it was a scam, and they probably could do nothing to stop it, so wanted to warn others..