No website provded to get business off of

Jason Mayoral,CEO, of Rebek Corp, promised me a free website in exchange for my acct with, The monthly fee for the merchant actct with World Bank was only $12,50. When I closed the account I found out the fee was actually $25.00 along with a $35,00 processing fee. Auth,net, the credit card processing co. Charged me between S25-32,00 a month which I was not informed about before my merchant account was approved. I have paid almost $500,00 in merchant fees without the support of a website. I talked to Jason Mayoral on June 21st @1pm and was told my website would be up on the web by the end of August. To this date, 12/9/2017 the website has not been corrected and live on the internet. I have paid merchant acct fees since July . I have spent $473.00 on advertising material with the domain name he gave me. Now that is useless. I was also told in our initial conversation that he could export all of my product with description from the Etsey’s website. Etsy’s would not allow this I had to hire a photograhper to take photos of all of my product so we could email them to Rebel Corp. The cost me $200.00. Jason Mayoral was not honest with me about all of the cost He mislead and lied to me, Now he is ignoring my emails and texts. I feel as tho I have been scammed! He should be made to pay for the expense I have been out.