Bill Pay Assistance Scam

Ricky Parks Claims that he runs a bill pay assistance program. He fools you by paying a small bill that gets you on his good side. Then he starts asking for more information. He then request that you send him a small processing fee through Money Gram or Walmart 2 Walmart for his assistance. He gets all your personal information with all the bills you want paid. Then he goes in and pays the bills and several days later your bills show up as unpaid. It is a total fraud. It is a scam that he has been doing for several years. He partners with Aquila Brady who he has you send the money to and then she picks up the money for him. This Aquila Brady also runs the same scam. They put their ads on Craigslist in Texas and other states outside of Atlanta because of how much fraud they have committed in the state of Georgia. The money was paid to them through Walmart and Money Gram and as a result they cannot return my money. I had them blocked from doing business with Walmart and Money Gram. I also filed a police report on them.