Stop Scammer Sarah Thompson on Craigslist

My father was looking to start a transport business and was looking for a truck. He found a really good deal and messaged them. “She” replied with asking to communicate through email because of her work. He emailed her and she replied. (With about 25 pictures of the truck)On Sunday, April 5, 2015 5:37 PM, Sarah Thompson wrote:Hello, My name is Sarah Thompson and I am the legal owner of this 2001 Freightliner FLD12064ST . I would like to tell you that the truck is in perfect condition, never wrecked, clean and clear title. It has only 150,247 original miles, and is in excellent running condition. I have all the documents and service records.I am in possession of this truck from my son who unfortunately can’t enjoy it anymore as he died. I moved back where I was born in Montgomery, AL and now it will be shipped from here in maximum 2 days.I have decided to sell it for $2,400 and the buyer will receive it with all papers and receipts that he needs to register it so if you buy it you don’t have to worry about the paperwork. Also you will have 5 days to inspect and test after you receive it.Please get back to me only if you want to buy it. Thank you,Sarah ThompsonMy father is fairly new to the internet and did reply asking for more information. Location, phone number and milage. She repliedHi again,The truck is located in Montgomery, AL as I told in my first email but my brother-in-law will use his discount to help me with shipping. He own a business with sewing machines and he is using the shipping company from 3 years.  We will use Amazon for this transaction so both of us will be protected and insured by them. If you are not aware of this program, you should know that it will allow you to test drive and inspect the truck before paying me.I just need your full name,full shipping address and phone number so I can open a case .(with no further obligation or fees). I think is more then fair that you pay $2,400 as shipping is my responsibility and you will receive the truck in maximum 2 days.The inspection period will be set to 5 days and I think is enough for you to make a decision about the truck. I also want to inform you that I am entertaining another 2 offers for it at this moment so please let me know your decision as soon as possible to know what to do. One of them is waiting for a loan and will get in touch with me tomorrow if he can buy it or not and the other one have only $2,000 to buy it.Thank you,Sarah ThompsonHe told me about the offer. It seemed weird to me that Amazon a service I use a lot had this type payment program and I hadn’t heard about it. All I had to do is Google her name to find out it was a scam. I’m hoping the other offers she supposedly has are fake and not some poor soul getting scammed.