Medicare placed Therapeutic Choice CMHC under revision & payment suspension in April 2006, never since it has been lifted. At the time, given her actions, Ms. Carmen Gomez Abreu may have been anticipating prosecution. She proceeded in the same month to secretly married a foreign national from Chile named Jaime Antonio Sepulveda. They were never known to have lived under the same roof after marriage. But in fact Ms. Gomez Abreu continued on living with Mr. Rafael Mederos and her two daughters at 1721 Granada Blvd. A few years later, having been founded, an ex-parte hearing was held on 08/25/2009. Ms. Gomez Abreu was then ordered to turn over her daughters passport. Ms. Gomez Abreu then hastily filed for a divorce from Mr. Sepulveda. Avoiding a hearing to explain her odd actions…, with one attorney unavailability and a postponement date, she succeeded. Given the fact as presented at the ex-parte hearing the judge could only assume that she was planning on skipping town as well extradition. One has to think this may still be the case, one can only hope she would be stopped in time?Public records for your review are as follows: Marriage License Bureau – License Information License Number: (Year-Sequence) 2006-008526 Status: MARRIED* Issued Date: APR-13-2006 Groom Name: (First Middle Last) JAIME ANTONIO SEPULVEDA Birth Date: APR-07-1963 Birth Place: CHILE Groom Reside, City: DORAL County: MIAMI-DADE State or Foreign Country: FLORIDA Bride Name: (First Middle Last / Maiden) CARMEN B GOMEZ-ABREU Birth Date: APR-17-1970 Birth Place: FLORIDA Bride Reside, City: CORAL GABLES County: MIAMI-DADE State or Foreign Country: FLORIDA Married By: NOTARY Marriage Date: APR-20-2006 Marriage Location: MIAMI, FL ————————————————————————————————————————Detail by Entity NameFlorida Profit Corporation RALMED INC. Document NumberP09000026912FEI/EIN Number APPLIED FOR Date Filed03/24/2009State or Country FL Status INACTIVE Last Event ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT Event Date Filed09/23/2019Event Effective Date NONE Principal Address1721 GRANADA BLVD. CORAL GABLES, FL 33134 Mailing Address1721 GRANADA BLVD. CORAL GABLES, FL 33134Registered Agent Name & Address MEDEROS, RAFAEL J 1721 GRANADA BLVD. CORAL GABLES, FL 33134Officer/Director Detail Name & Address Title PSTD MEDEROS, RAFAEL J 1721 GRANADA BLVD. CORAL GABLES, FL 33134——————————————————————————————————— GONZALEZ DELVALLE, CARMEN G VS GONZALEZ DELVALLE, MIGUEL ANGEL* Click on BOOK/PAGE of a particular docket to see the image if it is available * Case Num (LOCAL): 2005-001740-FC-04 Dockets Retrieved: 139 Filing Date: 01/21/2005 Case Num (STATE): 132005DR001740000004 Judicial Section: FC01 Date Book/Page Docket Entry Due Date Complete Date Comments 10/29/2010 OCPJ 12/09/2009 NOUV 09/24/2009 MOTI MOTION FOR REUNIFICATION OF FATHER WITH MINOR CHILDREN 09/24/2009 RECE 050/0223 08/25/2009 MOTI verified emergency motion for temporary injunction to prevent removal of minor children 08/25/2009 TINJ 09/15/2009 Expiration Date for this injunction is:09152009 9:45 am 08/24/2009 RQHR