My husband and I also got sucked in by TRAVEL TO GO for an advertisement for a FREE 7 day cruise. What a joke. That FREE cruise turned out to be $99 deposit and then $502 per person. ($99 booking surcharge (that they don’t tell you about); $159 port fees and $85 taxes – ok, we knew that; $60 new ship surcharge – this we knew also; but then also hit you with a $99 room upgrade fee because the entry level rooms were not available – this is crap – I went online to the Carnival website and there are most definitely entry level room available). These fees are all per person. When I told Jeanette Bunn and her partner Tommy Middaugh (if these are real their REAL NAMES) TRAVEL TO GO about this misrepresentation – they said the certificate does not state that it is for a FREE cruise, and if their agency that issued it misrepresented it, then she could not help that. How do these places stay in business? Why don’t they just tell you it’s discounted? So we declined the FREE cruise and booked one on our own and we’re spending less money. You have to sign up on the internet, then send the voucher to Canada and they request you send it registered, so that’s an additional $11.00, then they will send you a coupon that. They only give you so many days to send the voucher back with a certified check for $29.95 and it will cost you another $11.00 to send that and they tell you may get a FREE netbook in 4-6 weeks if they say you followed proper procedures. What a joke!!!! I am very angry to say the least. I started doing some background research online and uncovered that SKY TRAVEL is a d.b.a. of theirs. STAY AWAY FROM EITHER!!