They charge huge fees for almost nothing

These people pretend to want to help victims of credit card scams – but then they scam the same victims. They do it by promising clients they will get money back from the credit card companies, and then pile on administrative fees. They make their clients sign a written contract to pledge to make “donations”. The people who hire these thieves could hire an attorney to so the same thing for less money.All this company does is make a couple telephone calls to the credit card company, and maybe send out a couple form letters – but they charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars.DO NOT GIVE THESE CROOKS ANY MONEY. If you need help with an unfair credit card debt, GO HIRE A REAL LAWYER (it’s cheaper and will get much better results).The whole company is really only two guys who work from home – they have a huge turnover in employees too. Nobody works there longer than a couple months because the owners are so dishonest.They ripped off my grandmother. Also, she waited so long for them to do something that she lost her chance to challenge a credit card charge (you only have a limited time to do it)..