Sean Whalen, Lions Not Sheep

Wondering why this sub hasn’t looked more into this guy and his company, Lions Not Sheep. It seems cool from the surface but when I looked into the product and his brand, it really is just the typical motivational coaching you see everywhere. But still, it’s been all over my IG and seems to be popular with the fitness/bodybuilding community. I don’t get it.

He’s had many startups that have come and gone until he found the market for motivational whatever.

The guy thinks he’s edgy by swearing a bunch in his speeches. I watched a 30 min video where he had his son on the stage and he still couldn’t go more than 5 min without mentioning he has made millions and has all these companies. Then he says, oh but it’s not about the money. Also, other videos of him and a bunch of guys all wearing “lions not sheep” shirts, which is ironic lol

Not a super gotcha, but it’s something about his integrity

Made in America claims

Not much found here on reddit but this was interesting.

Past post about this

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