Seattle Clean Air

I purchased a Groupon from this merchant for $65, with the description indicating the Groupon would be good for upholstery cleaning for one sofa. The day before the scheduled appointment, a representative from another company (Cleaning Services, Inc.), presumably a subcontractor of Seattle Clean Air (the merchant identified on the Groupon), sent an email indicating that the Groupon was only good for one seat cushion and one back cushion. When I told the representative that these details were not included in the Groupon terms, he apologized, indicating there “was a problem with Groupon” and that he would apply a 10% discount off the total charges.

Upon arrival at my home, the service technician provided a contract for the work showing a total fee of $250 for the sofa cleaning. After I reluctantly accepted this enormous upcharge, I indicated that the $65 Groupon should be applied to this amount, and the technician called his supervisor, who said that the $250 was in addition to the Groupon. The supervisor then offered a 10% discount off of the $250, even though the contract indicated the Final Project Cost would be $250 (including the Groupon).

Beware of this merchant and assume any Groupon will later incur significant undisclosed upcharges.

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