This project is a scam. The owner of the project named nayiem, is a notorious crypto scammer and has perpetrated many scams in the past. These include projects named qredit, xbridge, altilly and more. One of these scams was stealing everyone’s funds from a fake exchange he ran. Nayiem and his current team of scammers have now taken over the solar project, which was previously called swipe. They are telling the world that they are backed by binance crypto exchange, this is false, binance has nothing to do with the solar project. Binance once had an investment in the previous company called swipe, but that was ended very quickly when binance realized the ceo of swipe was scamming people too. The new team is keeping the scam going, saying they are decentralized when in reality the team runs all the nodes and controls who participates. They are using the project as a money printer while claiming to be backed by big players. Even binance has said they have no affialiation to solar. The solar team is also using their new found scam platform to attack others as well. They are currently using another coins platform and calling it their own as well. Stay away from this scam and the scam solar token, its only use is to line the pockets of the team.

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